Nerdometrics Episode 8 – Constructing the Monster


You can listen to the podcast here —>

I attended Kirk (Von) Hammett’s Fear Festevil in February, and since it was in the Bay Area I called up friend of Nerdometrics (and podcaster himself for Carry the One Radio) Sama Ahmed and we sat down for a bit to talk about… well, to be honest I didn’t really have a reason. So I thought about it a little and drafted up a few questions kicking around in my head so Sama and I could have a conversation with “a little more than zero” focus. The ensuing discussion, presented here, rolled around on a few topics, encompassing superheroes, giant monsters, the need for sleep, whales and of course hip hop.

Nerdometrics 08 pie chart

(Note: please do not nitpick Godzilla’s height.  I know this era Godzilla is 55 meters or so tall, which is ‘not quite’ 200 feet, I’m just rounding up).

Special thanks to Sama Ahmed! You can check out his excellent podcast here:   And of course, you can listen to Nerdometrics Episode 5 on Pacific Rim neuroscience if you haven’t checked it out yet for more science-dropping, courtesy of Sama.

You can listen to the podcast here —>


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