Episode 5 – Man/Machine Interfaces and Pacific Rim (with ‘Carry the One’)


How close are we to controlling large pieces of machinery with our brains and bodies? Is the neuroscience in Pacific Rim far-fetched, or within the realm of plausibility? What’s being controlled this way, and who’s doing it?

You can listen to the podcast here.

More importantly, how close are we to me getting in a Jaeger and beating the living crap out of some Kaiju that just came out of the breach?

For this podcast (and the answers, more or less, to these questions) we reached out to our friends at Carry the One Radio – mainly the show’s Founder and lead interviewer Sama Ahmed – to talk about the Neuroscience Behind Pacific Rim.

We discussed Man/Machine Interfaces, how they relate to Pacific Rim, and where were are today with this technology. Sama – himself a very knowledgeable person on the subject – brought in a Subject Matter Expert (Joey) to talk things out.

This episode is a co-podcast with Carry the one, hope you enjoy it!

You can find more out about Carry the one here:


Art Credit: Rory Smith (http://www.recsfx.blogspot.com/)


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