Episode 6 – Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! (Panel Discussion)


On November 3, I hosted a panel at the Comic and Pop Culture show ‘Comikaze’ here in LA – we were thrilled to see a lot of people come out for the panel where we discussed giant monsters for almost an hour! I was joined by the following panelists:

– Chris Mowry (writer, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth)
– Frank Woodward (director, Men in Suits)
– Steve Ryfle (Godzilla author, Bringing Godzilla Down to Size, Godzilla DVD commentary)

You can listen to the episode here.

What passes as this episode is mainly the raw audio from that panel, recorded into my portable recorder. There are some limitations with the audio, but you can hear everything said.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the panel with us! As for everyone else, thanks for listening and hopefully we’ll catch you in person next time.

(Pictured L-R: Chris Mowry, Keith Foster, Frank Woodward, Steve Ryfle)


Episode 5 – Man/Machine Interfaces and Pacific Rim (with ‘Carry the One’)


How close are we to controlling large pieces of machinery with our brains and bodies? Is the neuroscience in Pacific Rim far-fetched, or within the realm of plausibility? What’s being controlled this way, and who’s doing it?

You can listen to the podcast here.

More importantly, how close are we to me getting in a Jaeger and beating the living crap out of some Kaiju that just came out of the breach?

For this podcast (and the answers, more or less, to these questions) we reached out to our friends at Carry the One Radio – mainly the show’s Founder and lead interviewer Sama Ahmed – to talk about the Neuroscience Behind Pacific Rim.

We discussed Man/Machine Interfaces, how they relate to Pacific Rim, and where were are today with this technology. Sama – himself a very knowledgeable person on the subject – brought in a Subject Matter Expert (Joey) to talk things out.

This episode is a co-podcast with Carry the one, hope you enjoy it!

You can find more out about Carry the one here:


Art Credit: Rory Smith (http://www.recsfx.blogspot.com/)

Star Wars: A conversation with Sean from Centives on building the Death Star

For Episode 4 of Nerdometrics I talked with Sean from Centives – who did some great research on building the Death Star over at his blog Centives.

You can listen to Nerdometrics Episode 4 here!

As for the Centives research, You can click this text or use this link:


Since this episode was originally planned to be part of Episode 2 (Godzilla rebuilding), I start things off with a conversation I had with Kyle Yount of the Kaijucast about the Centives research.  At the end of our conversation I mention (of course mockingly) that “you can talk about these lead times with your fancy-pants research but the Death Star got built in 60 years and that’s the way it is”, but of course that isn’t the way it is. After reading the Centives piece it becomes quite obvious that a timeline in the hundreds of thousands of years is much closer to how things would really happen.

Sean was cool enough to grant some time for us to discuss his research, and we had a great time doing so.  We even took some shots at ways to “fix” the issues around cost and lead time – but every attempt at a solution or explanation generated even more questions (sure, you could tap a couple thousand planets worth of steel to address lead time concerns, but then… how do you get all this steel to one place?  What sort of receiving dock system do you have?)  We even riffed on how things might go if the Earth built a Death Star of its own.