Nerdometrics Factoid: NWA ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and three minutes of pure swearing

A friend of mine shared the following link that prompted this stat – (NOTE: NOT WORK APPROPRIATE! NOT KID-APPROPRIATE! CONTAINS NOTHING BUT PROFANITY!)


For those of you not clicking the link because you’re at work, with kids or don’t have headphones it’s nothing BUT the swearing from NWA’s hip-hop classic ‘Straight Outta Compton’.  In my opinion this record is the ‘Let it Be’ of swearing – a masterwork where very little of the profanity feels out of place (additional note: I like profanity). The first thing I thought when I saw the link was WOW! The swear words on this record spliced together constitute a whopping three minutes of content (or 4.6 percent of the entire album)!

Impressive as it is, when you consider that a normal hip-hop record probably has an average of 30 seconds of swearing it’s even more so (if I assume 30 seconds of swearing equals one standard deviation, then this record is six standard deviations of cussin’.  I’m not proving these numbers in this case but I’ve listened to a lot of hip-hop and feel pretty good about this record in terms of its uniqueness, and if you agree with that assumption this record is basically a Motorola-defect-esque-Six-Sigma standard for profanity).

BUT, even though I view it as a swearing masterwork it’s not even close to the most swearing out there.  Without crunching numbers I’d wager the 2 Live Crew is up in that rare air, and thanks to this article from Kate Hutchinson via Red Bull we have some data on what the article claims is the sweariest album – ‘Crunk Juice’ by Lil Jon. In total, the record has 784 swears, and if you assume a similar editing method as the NWA video (about 2.5 swears per second) you get an estimated 313 seconds of pure cussin’.

Dividing that by the total time on the album arrives at… get ready…. 8.1 percent of album time devoted to the curses alone!

N.W.A., you got the game changed on you.


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